Behind the Scenes at Fanattik Part 4

Behind the Scenes at Fanattik Part 4

Meet the Masterminds of Fanattik – Chapter 4, Abbey

We’re a close-knit family here at Fanattik HQ (in fact, two of our directors are married to one another), and we’re all passionate about film, TV, gaming, and many other geeky pursuits. Join us as we pull back the curtain and introduce you to the brilliant minds behind the scenes. Get ready to meet the team driving the creation of your favourite treasures!

Chapter 4 – Abbey Oakes – Shipping & Logistics Manager

How long have you been with Fanattik and what does your job entail?
Today (17th May) is my three year anniversary at Fanattik! I deal with the import and export of stock, shipping B2B and B2C orders all over the world.

Which brands that Fanattik work with are your favourites?
Disney, Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts, Beetlejuice, Friends, SpongeBob, Marvel, DC.

What's your favourite product(s) that Fanattik have produced?
I’m a big Disney nerd so I love all the Disney ingots. The Disney 100th Anniversary ingot was amazing but I also love the 101 Dalmatians and Lilo & Stitch ingots.

I have the Beetlejuice print at home as I am a big fan of anything Tim Burton.

Our Harry Potter range is cool, my daughter is a big fan and has started collecting some of this range.

The Joker playing card is also one of my favourites as I am a big fan of the Dark Knight Trilogy (in my opinion Heath Ledger was the best Joker) and the playing card ingot is an awesome piece for any fans of the films.

Away from Fanattik, what’s your favourite film/TV Show/video game/tabletop game?
My favourite films are Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan. My favourite TV shows are Wednesday, Gilmore Girls, and Emily in Paris. My favourite video games are Dreamlight Valley and Mario Kart, and my favourite board game is Disney Labyrinth!

Do you have any interesting geeky stories?
I grew up around motorsport so I have met Motorbike legend Carl Fogarty and many others.

When I worked in the post office there were quite a few celebrities that came in, from John Bishop to Yvette Fielding. There were also multiple famous footballers but I had no idea who they were as football is not my cup of tea!

Most importantly I have met Mickey Mouse multiple times!

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