Impress Your Friends With Collectible Coins & Giveaway Vehicles

Show your love of tanks by collecting rare collectible coins and legendary in-game tanks!

Fanattik has joined forces with World of Tanks to offer 5,000 high-quality collectible World of Tanks coins for the iconic Tiger I, Cromwell, and TOG II*. This collaboration is the result of their mutual dedication to delivering high-quality, historically-accurate products to enthusiasts across the globe.

Over the past ten years, more than 160 million players have been vying for victory in World of Tanks. Spanning 11 nations and over 600 historically-accurate vehicles, this award-winning, free-to-play game offers action-packed armored warfare and thrilling gameplay experiences across 45 maps. Each vehicle is meticulously examined and rendered to match real-life battle mechanics, allowing you to feel like a true tank commander in the heat of battle.

Now, this partnership with Fanattik will take players outside of the virtual world by offering them the chance to acquire three highly collectible and rare physical coins.



The Tiger I Limited Edition Coin
The Tiger I was one of the fiercest and most feared tanks of the Second World War. With its deadly 88 mm gun and seemingly impenetrable 120 mm armor, this tank proved an imposing figure on the battlefield. Of course, out of all the Tigers ever produced, the Tiger 131 was the most legendary of them all. Captured during the 1943 German advance in North Africa, it ultimately made its way to The Tank Museum in Bovington, where you can view it today!

The Cromwell Limited Edition Coin
The Cromwell was one of the leading British workhorses and breakthrough tanks of the Second World War. The tank’s solid armor and powerful Rolls-Royce engine proved the perfect combination for a formidable reconnaissance scout. It fought across North Africa, France, and Germany, then eventually made its way to Berlin, where it took part in the Victory Parade on September 7, 1945.

The TOG II* Limited Edition Coin
The TOG II* is one of the most iconic vehicles in World of Tanks, largely due to its immense size, weight… and lack of speed. It was devised between the two world wars as a new super-heavy tank that could break the perpetual stalemate of trench warfare. While the TOG II* quickly proved obsolete, it has nevertheless won the hearts of players and tank enthusiasts alike, and enjoys a cult following to this day!

Commemorate these vehicles with a double-sided embossed Fanattik collectible coin, available in the Wargaming Store.


You can also bag yourself incredible in-game vehicles with our latest social media giveaway! Simply follow our Gleam link, then head to Instagram and subscribe to our @worldoftanks_europe account for a chance to get your hands on a Tiger 131, Cromwell B, or TOG II*.

If you’re one of the lucky winners at the end of the giveaway, we’ll contact you with more information about how to claim your prize.


World of Tanks – Invite Code

Join the brotherhood and sign up for World of Tanks today. Use the invite code to kick-start your account with the iconic Tiger 131, the reliable T-34-85M, the British-adapted Sherman Firefly, and the effective Matilda Black Prince. You’ll also be credited with seven days of World of Tanks Premium Account and 250,000 credits to whip your Garage into shape ahead of your first battle.

Please note: these invitation codes are limited, so claim your goodies while you can! The invite code is available to new players only.


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