Back for the first time since 2016, Star Wars Celebration Europe was held in London in April 2023. The two biggest Star Wars fans at Fanattik, Adam and Anthony, insisted this was an opportunity not to be missed so they hopped into their Landspeeder (it may have been a Ford Transit van but they can dream) to join over 30,000 people for the Easter weekend. They came back absolutely buzzing from being around so many fellow fans so we thought we’d take the opportunity on Star Wars Day to ask them, what was it about the weekend that made them tick?

Tell us about your love of Star Wars Adam!

I have been a fan of Star Wars since 1999, back when I was around 6-7 years old and watching episode 1 for the first time with my family on VHS (those chunky rectangles with videotape inside). That Christmas I got a Darth Maul costume that I would wear for every occasion I could get away with, Halloween, costume parties, weddings, you name it.

Growing up I experienced all 3 prequel films and loved them, even now I watch them with a longing nostalgia for my childhood, until in 2003, after seeing Episode 3 and all its featurettes on create creation and movie making and concept art, and exhausting everything I could from the prequels…

I got the boxset of the original trilogy and discovered the magic that is the 70’s & 80’s filmmaking. And then I was a true Star Wars nerd!

From then on, I have loved everything Star Wars, the films, the videogame the Disney+ series, the animated shows, the documentaries, the shorts back on Cartoon Network. If it has something to do with Star Wars, I’m more than likely going to see it, play it or try and be involved (like the time I applied to be a Stormtrooper in the Sequel trilogy).

What about you Anthony, why attend Star Wars Celebration?

I attended the last Star Wars Celebration Europe as a fan back in 2016 and I spent years visiting convention after convention getting a Star Wars poster signed by the original film’s cast. That poster is now framed and in pride of place in our offices so there was no question about whether we were going to head to London for Star Wars Celebration! Fanattik has an exclusive range of Star Wars collectibles too so the show was a great way to share our passion with other fans.

What was the atmosphere there like Adam?

It’s a surreal atmosphere. As a fan of something, anything, I think you constantly seek out people who have the same interests and passions as you, and at Star Wars Celebration, every single person there has the same passion and fandom and it’s like finding your people.

To be in a hall filled with thousands of people from all around the world and different walks of life, knowing that I could nerd out with all of them over this franchise I have loved for near 15 years is such a crazy feeling.

I woo’d and cheered with thousands of people watching new Star Wars trailers, and I’ve seen thousands of people cry when Hayden Christensen came on stage, who had been away from Star Wars for near a decade (I too shed a tear).

It’s an insane experience to describe but ultimately, you feel at home.

We saw some cosplay in your photos, did you take part?

I didn’t dress up but it was incredible to see. It’s so difficult to single out just one great cosplay as there were so many. Even travelling to the event on day 1 and seeing jedi and sith and rebels and troopers all lining up for the tube was surreal. Then inside the event you had the 501st Legion there who have some amazing stormtrooper uniforms, along with so many people with such detailed cosplay outfits from full metal Mandalorian armour to pristine imperial uniforms, to the classic Princess Leia.

My favourite however was a family where the father was dressed as the Mandalorian, the mother was Bo Katan, there child has Grogu ears and the stroller was made to look like Grogu’s egg carrier.

My future family goal right there!

Anthony you’ve spent a couple of decades working in licensing, gifts and collectibles so what kind of things did you see there that really stood out to you?

An amazing ceramic Darth Vader statue, from a Spanish ceramic factory which retailed at £4,000, it was limited to 70 and looked amazing. We were next to the Heroes & Villains clothing stand, amazing high-quality handbags and jackets, the queues were round the block for them every single day. I was also really surprised and excited to see the Citizen Watch stand had some of the Star Wars ingots from Fanattik as part of their watch display too. In fact, I got myself and the team attending each a Citizen x Star Wars watch.

That sounds nice! Did you buy anything, Adam?

I managed to buy a few little things, I picked up some artbooks and a limited edition Lego brick but I made my greatest purchase, which is my Rebel Cap which since purchasing has not left my head except for showers, which I do very quickly as to not be apart for too long.

You were working but were you able to get off the stand to listen to any of the interviews?

Our stand was so close to the main stage but due to the crowds, both around the stage and on our stand, I didn’t manage to catch most of the interviews, however, everyone gathered, stopped and I managed to see Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen appear on the main stage. Two Star Wars legends who especially sum up my childhood! 

It must be surreal to see Star Wars royalty at a show like that?

There were a few other standout moments at the event too. Incredibly, I met Michele Thieme (the production manager for the Lucasfilm Art Department) and Tom Howard (the Lighting Director for Lucasfilm) who came onto the stand during the event and talked art and production.

I also met the graphic designers of the Mandalorian, andor and Ashoka shows and then briefly met Rosario Dawson’s mother as she passed the stand.

The highlight for me, was being inches away from a hero of mine, Director, actor, and creator of the Mandalorian… John Favreau! Who walked past the stand accompanied by Kathleen Kennedy. It was an awe-inspiring moment seeing a creative I have admired since his early days in Friends, just being close to a hero and an inspiration was dizzying for me.

Sounds like they had an amazing time. Have a look at some of their highlights on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok! Star Wars Celebration is being held in Japan in 2025 but you can shop the Fanattik Star Wars collectibles right here, right now. May the force be with you!

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