New Releases Galore!

New Releases Galore!

It's the last Friday of the month, which means it's time to tell you about our brand new releases!

We have two anniversary ranges to tell you about this month, and some very cool products for some other brands as well.

Dungeons & Dragons

2024 is a mammoth year for anniversaries, with our Batman, SpongeBob, Mean Girls, and TMNT ranges already out there (and another one to go further down), but arguably the biggest milestone is 50 years, which is the age that Dungeons & Dragons turns this year. Included in this 50th anniversary range is a twin set of Beholder medallions, coins, ingots, and more. Find them here.


The Robots in Disguise are 40! Ever since their launch in 1984, the Transformers have never been far from the zeitgeist, and with the origin story Transformers One coming later on this year, they're not going anywhere soon! This 40th range features an art print, coins, medallions, ingots, and pin badges (with the classic Transformers hologram included). Order them now!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We've been producing collectibles for Skyrim (plus the other Elder Scrolls games) for a number of years now, but this set has been one of our absolute favourites! Featuring a set of four Dragon Priests masks taken directly from the game, we've even had to create a new style of display box to make sure we really do them justice. You can find them here.


Other items that you can pre-order as of today are an ingot from the latest live-action Star Wars series The Acolyte, and a Beetlejuice ingot and keyring.

Star Wars The Acolyte Limited Edition Collectible Metal IngotBeetlejuice Handbook of the Recently Deceased Metal KeyringBeetlejuice Limited Edition Gravestone Collectible Metal Ingot

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