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2023 has already been a big year for game releases. Fans such as ourselves have seen titles such as Hogwarts Legacy, Resident Evil 4 (remake), Minecraft Legends, and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to name a few! 

As a platform to collate everything that's developing in the gaming world, what better than to delve into Summer Games fest. Created back in 2020, this international festival specialises in video games is a digital event in which fans, experts and gaming developers come together to discuss and play. 2023's event saw a number of big names drop hints, teasers and trailers. Big surprises included 2D Sonic, some Mortal Combat 1 gameplay, and a new Prince of Persia game! Building on this excitement we decided to unpack what this means to us.

To do this, at Fanattik HQ we sat down with our resident gaming expert Luiz as we look into the 2023 Summer Game Fest and beyond.


  • What is your favourite Video Game and most nostalgic memory of play it?

One of my earliest memories of playing video games was in the early 80’s.  My friend Marek had a ZX Spectrum 48k with the rubber keys and we got hooked on a game called Harrier Attack.  It was a scrolling shooter, and we would play that game for hours. 


                                        sinclair-zx-spectrum-48k | Retro Video Gaming


  • Have you heard about Summer Game Fest?

Yes, I am fully aware of SGF.  Earlier in the year once E3 was cancelled it was the only gaming event to tune into during the traditional summer announcement window for games.  As a big gaming fan, myself it gives me a chance to see what new games are coming over the next few months and beyond.


                                                    Summer Game Fest 2021 Features Musical Guest Weezer And Promises A Ton ...


  • Most exciting gaming advancement eg; gameplay, graphics, evolution of certain franchises.

On the surface you can see the graphics are always improving, but when you put your headset on you feel more immersed in certain games thanks to better sound design and headsets.  Just when you think gameplay can’t be improved games surprise you with the use of new game control features!  We are still relatively early in the life cycle of this generation, and I don’t think the console has peaked yet so we still have a good few years of amazing games in this generation. 


                                      Psvr - Jual Sony Playstation Vr Psvr Ps Vr Camera Terbaru Juli 2021 ...


  • Has it been a good year for gaming?

So far it has been a very good year of video games.  We have had some huge releases such as Dead Space, Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, Diablo 4, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom to name a few.  Later this year we have some huge games releasing like Spiderman 2, Starfield and Super Mario Bros Wonder.  That’s even before we get to the annual big hitters like Call of Duty.  Next gen consoles are 3 years old now, so we are moving into the most exciting phase of the generation as developers maximise the consoles capabilities. 


                                   Starfield release date window, latest news, and gameplay | PCGamesN


  • Most anticipated gaming releases coming up.

I am mostly looking forward to Spiderman 2, I got the platinum trophy on the first game and I’m sure I’ll do the same on the new game.  I also like the look of the new Assassins creed, a series that I have dipped in and out of over the years.  I’ve already pre-ordered the new Sonic Superstars too which looks amazing, very retro! 


                                                  Spider-man 2 Game Ps5 - arabian-top


  • Summer Games Fest 2024:

Looking forward to the event in 2024 we have recently seen on twitter that there could be a super exciting Live Showcase Event. Be sure to give the creator Geoff Keighley a follow on twitter to stay updated and feel free to report back to us with what gaming releases you are most excited for!

Games fest has certainly made a stir in the gaming world so be sure to check out next years event. We will be watching with a keen eye so watch this space!

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