Fanattik x hobbyDB

Fanattik x hobbyDB

As the range of collectibles Fanattik produce grows, so does the audience, and to really drive that point home, we’re joining forces with hobbyDB and their catalogue of more than 50,000,000 collectible items, making it the home of collectors around the globe!

Our founder and Head Honcho Anthony sat down with hobbyDB who had many questions to ask him about Fanattik and the collectible industry.

When did you create Fanattik?

It started in my spare bedroom back in 2007, God I feel old now!

What was the inspiration behind creating it?

I had worked in the toy industry for 10 years creating products for everything from Disney to Doctor Who and I was getting to a certain age and thought it was a now or never moment so I gave up a career I really enjoyed and jumped into working for myself.

What were your first products?

As I started the company with the small amount of savings I had, I couldn’t afford to jump into large-scale manufacturing or to pay for a team of people so I started with something easier to manage and produced limited edition officially licensed art prints. I worked with England’s oldest printers, and my first licensed range was Betty Boop then it was Elvis Presley and then Muhammad Ali.

How would you describe Fanattik to someone that’s unfamiliar with you?

Our mantra is “affordable collectibles,” not many people can afford a $300 statue, we want to create limited edition good quality collectibles that a fan on any budget can jump on board with.

What are some of the franchises you work with?

Which don’t we work with? Everything from Fallout to Jurassic Park, from Harry Potter to Batman, we have been a licensed merchandise partner with Universal Studios and Capcom for 10 years now. We have just signed a deal with Netflix so later this year you will see Stranger Things, One Piece and Witcher products being released by us.

What kind of collectibles are we going to find at Fanattik?

Metal collectibles are our core business, limited edition and individually numbered but even our more gift-related items such as bottle openers have that Fanattik twist to them.

What are your big sellers?

Dungeons & Dragons is number one, then Yu-Gi-Oh! and then Harry Potter although in 2023 video games such as Doom and Resident Evil were really strong.

What’s the future hold in store for Fanattik?

We would love to work with Pokémon, but that’s a tough nut to crack, we are just going to keep on doing what we have been doing month after month, year after year for the past 16 years, creating pieces that hopefully fans want to own.

What do you personally collect? How did you get started/hooked on collecting?

I am a big Star Trek fan, I watched the Next Generation first time round and that got me hooked into this world, when it comes to what I am collecting right now, it is anything pop culture related, I have a section in my office with some really eclectic pieces from an original Pacman handheld game to a Japanese wind up Homer Simpson tin toy, so it’s anything really.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

There are 17 of us now at Fanattik, we aren’t the biggest we know that and we don’t want to be, we just hope our pieces keep on putting smiles on people's faces.


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