Whilst most of us are scrolling through social media on lockdown, two of team Fanattik are getting their game on with The Elder Scrolls. They say it’s all in the name of work (check out our Bethesda merch here) but we’re not so sure so we thought we’d put them to the test 

Which is your favourite Elder Scrolls game and why?
Toby: Skyrim – nostalgic and still great to go back to!
Luiz: Skyrim – It’s the game that got me into Elder Scrolls.

Ok so you’re both Skyrim fans! What’s your favourite weapon to collect & use?
Toby: I would always go for a sneaky one-handed character so I’m going to say Mehrunes’ Razor.
Luiz: The Rueful Axe, I prefer using a two handed weapon.

And your favourite tavern?
Toby: The Ragged Flaggon
Luiz: Dead Man’s Drink

Which is your go-to guild to complete in Skyrim?
Toby: Thieves Guild/Nightingale.
Luiz: Dark Brotherhood so I can be an assassin!

Which race is your Dragonborn?
Toby: Khajiit – sneaky sneaky.
Luiz: Nord – Bit boring really…

Kill Paarthurnax or let him live?
Toby: Let him live, don’t like The Blades!
Luiz: Live & Let Live

What was your favourite expansion?
Toby: I enjoyed the Dawnguard expansion.
Luiz: Sadly, I didn’t play any expansions.

Have you played Elder Scrolls online yet?
Toby: I remember playing the beta but have never bought the game.
Luiz: Not yet but every time I see a new expansion I’m tempted!

Ok so we believe them, perhaps all this gaming really is work-related! You can shop our The Elder Scrolls V collection here, including our latest Skyrim limited editions; a replica Amulet of Talos, Dragonborn collectible coin and Dragonborn helmet pin badge.

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