Cameron Hancock

Behind the Scenes at Fanattik Part 1

Meet the Masterminds of Fanattik – Chapter 1, Cameron

We’re a close-knit family here at Fanattik HQ (in fact, two of our directors are married to one another), and we’re all passionate about film, TV, gaming, and many other geeky pursuits. Join us as we pull back the curtain and introduce you to the brilliant minds behind the scenes. Get ready to meet the team driving the creation of your favourite treasures!

Chapter 1 – Cameron Hancock – Design & Photography

Cameron Hancock

How long have you been with Fanattik and what does your job entail?
This pretty much sums me up…

Only joking, I’ve been with Fanattik for 4 years, designing product from concept to production, and taking banging photography and videography of products and events.

Which brands that Fanattik work with are your favourites?
All of the Bethesda titles (Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Doom, etc) as well as Resident Evil and Dungeons & Dragons.

Which have been your favourite products to work on?
I’m a bit biased because I designed it allll, but these are all special to me:

Away from Fanattik, what’s your favourite film, TV show, video game, and board game?
Film – Jojo Rabbit
TV show – Scrubs
Video game - Fallout New Vegas (many other games come close to that, but list would be too long!)
Board game – the Dune board game absolutely slaps and takes all night to play!

Do you have any funny stories about working with Fanattik?
My dad’s face is on the Fallout New Vegas replica $20 billThe original reference wasn’t the best and my dad kind of looks like Ranger Seth. I was working from home while designing the product and he came in to be nosey. I then used him as reference and his face is now immortalised in 24k gold!

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