Halloween with Team Fanattik

Halloween is a big deal at Fanattik HQ. Our range of horror collectibles decorate the office and getting dressed up is something we all love. We thought we’d ask the team what they’ll be doing this Sunday to celebrate the big day, and this is what they said.

Melissa – Head of Product Development

Halloween is my favourite time of year! I’m on the waiting list to attend a special horror burlesque show in Chester, and I’ll probably be drawing a lightning scar on my forehead ⚡️

Melissa at Harry Potter World
That lightning scar is almost a permanent feature on her forehead!

Luiz – Head of Sales

I’m organising a Squid Game for Anti-Vaxxers, Flat-Earthers & the 5G Tin Foil Hat Brigade. Winner gets a shot of Pfizer! 💉

Luiz in a Fallout Vaultboy mask
You can tell this is an old photo of Luiz because he has hair.

Freya – Sales Administrator

For Halloween this year I shall be carving pumpkins and watching Hocus Pocus! 🎃

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre bottle opener
Unclear as to whether Freya will use this Texas Chainsaw Massacre bottle opener to carve her pumpkins!

Oli – Digital Marketing Manager

Turning off the lights and playing Resident Evil in the dark so that any prospective trick or treaters think there’s nobody home! 🧟

Resident Evil 2 medallions
If there was such a thing as a Halloween Scrooge, Oli would be it.

Abbey – Shipping & Logistics Manager

I love Halloween! Me and my little one will be pumpkin carving, we watch Hocus Pocus on repeat and sing ‘I put a spell on you’ constantly. We will be having a Halloween party and my little girl is dressing up as Binx the cat from Hocus Pocus and maybe me, my mum and my sister will make an appearance as the three witches from the film! 🧙‍♀️

Limited edition Chucky pin badge
This isn’t Abbey’s daughter, but we wanted an excuse to include this Chucky pin badge in the article!

Anthony – MD

My home is like a horror movie thanks to my two little monsters! 👹

Universal Monsters charm bracelet
Not pictured: Anthony’s little monsters

There’s no better time than this to browse our range of Horror collectibles, right here. Happy Halloween!

Halloween with Team Fanattik
Article Name
Halloween with Team Fanattik
How the Fanattik team will be spending Halloween

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