Back to the Future


Why Back to the Future is the perfect movie

Is Back to the Future the perfect film? Oli Hancock thinks so, and here is why… Back to the Future and I are the same age. We were both released into the world in 1985 (myself in March, BTTF in the US in July and the UK in December), meaning that we both turned 35 this year. However, one of us has aged much better than the other. One of us has had to shave his head to hide how much his hair was thinning, and is ready for bed at 9pm, whereas... Read More


Back to the Future The Musical

Anthony, our Chief Fanattik, has been a Back to the Future fan since he was 10 years old. His office features a Back to the Future poster, signed at London Comic Con in 2015 and when Fanattik first entered talks with Universal Studios to create gifts and collectibles for their film titles, Back to the Future was the driving force. One of Anthony’s favourite pieces to date is the pin badge, limited to 9,995 worldwide, that was designed by the incredibly talented Sam Gilbey and features the logo and the DeLorean time machine itself. In 2019, Anthony... Read More